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Electric Dough

Explore the properties of electricity and creativity using conductive dough. Through hands-on art/science activities, you will learn how circuits work and the difference between conductive and resistive materials.  Use LED lights, play-dough and imagination to create...

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Nano and Color

Nano and Color It is called “nano” and it is one billionth of a meter in size.  That’s the scale that’s used to measure atoms and molecules!  And on that scale, common materials can have very unusual properties.  That’s the basis of a new field of science called...

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Examine and work with different materials to make windows from materials that are not transparent, bridges from material that isn’t stiff and other seemingly impossible building challenges! Learn through experimentation about tensile and compressive strength, as well...

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Magnetic Poetry

Dimensions: two panels, each 18 inches by 18 inches by 78 inches high Description: This exhibit consists of a brightly painted magnetic wall, and large pieces of magnetic poetry.  The magnetic walls are very lightweight, and are also tall and thin, so they will need...

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Gear Table

Dimensions: 6 feet by 3 feet by 5 feet high Description: This exhibit consists of a 6’ x 3’ table, with an approximately 2.5’ high back.  Both the horizontal and vertical surface of the table are covered with metal, to which the magnet-tipped posts of gears of varying...

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Cloth Wave

Dimensions: Center box - 3 feet by 3 feet by 30 inches high.  Cloths – roughly 6 feet by 24 inches each.  This may be displayed with all cloths attached, or any of the cloths may be removed to make a more streamlined exhibit. Description: This exhibit is most...

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Naked Piano

Dimensions: 55-60 inches long, 20-25 inches deep, ~45 inches high Description: This working, upright piano has had the covers removed so that visitors may see the intricate, mechanical inner workings as they press the keys, use the foot pedals or play a tune. Concept:...

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Spin Art

Dimensions: 3 feet by 3 feet by ~24 inches high Description: This exhibit was constructed from a bicycle (which can still be seen underneath if the exhibit is lifted).  For each visitor, a new piece of paper is attached to the painting platform with alligator clips....

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